Phillip Eaglin

After 21 years as a middle and high school science teacher and STEM teacher professional development provider, I founded a 501 c3 nonprofit organization in 2009 that provides STEM programs for youth throughout the Central Texas area.  Changing Expectations was originally opened as a business in 2004 when it was registered in the State of Texas.

One of my inspirations to begin providing informal STEM education learning opportunities for youth was my involvement in what I called “neighborhood science”. My neighbor and my son held STEM sessions last year in which a few other kids participated in inquiry-oriented experiments in our car garage. From a desire to plan additional community-based STEM learning for youth, Changing Expectations Corp was recently developed as the 501 c3 nonprofit to support STEM events for the African American Men and Boys Harvest Foundation. For more detailed info on my current and future STEM projects for youth, see these three websites:


Photos of over 100 underserved youth participating in the Harvest Foundation Conference STEM sessions this past school year that were planned by me and Changing Expectations Corp are provided on the second site.

What change do I want to bring to the world?

The third website presents a project narrative that describes the proposed intervention and assessments of a hybrid online and face-to-face teacher development partnership effort between the Austin, Texas based non-profit organizations Changing Expectations Corp, the Harvest Foundation, and the STEM teachers of African-American and bilingual students in two urban, high-need school districts being recruited from central Texas. The overall goal of this proposed project is to design, develop, and pilot test a new online mentoring and assessment (e-Education) model that will build the capacity of districts to improve STEM teachers knowledge and skills in implementing, supporting, and adapting inquiry STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curriculum enhancement activities for up to 2,500 underserved Hispanic and African-American youth in Central Texas.

Changing Expectations Corp also partners with the National Lab Network (NLN). NLD is a nationwide initiative to build local communities of support that will foster ongoing collaborations among volunteers, students and educators. The NLD provides access to volunteers, university students, scientists, engineers, other STEM professionals and, more broadly, members of the community are working together with educators and students to bring discovery-based science experiences to students in grades K-12. As a result of the NLD partnership, two STEM professionals were recruited from the University of Texas-Austin College of Natural Sciences to deliver STEM events this past school year for Changing Expectations Corp.

The City of Austin and Travis County, Texas governments recently provided funding for the African American Youth Resource Center, in which my 501 c3 non-profit will be a STEM education service provider. Additional support for the STEM work is being requested from local businesses such as Time Warner Cable (Connect a Million Minds) and Bank of America through grant proposals. Receiving grants from such Austin-based companies would allow me to not use as much of my own personal funds for the work and would support the purchase of STEM resources and the involvement of many more underserved youth in additional STEM education programs. It is my hope that the STEM Education Alliance (the first link above) and the AAYRC STEM Programs will allow students from Austin area schools with robotics clubs and STEM activities to mentor and learn with underserved students at high-need inner city schools to connect them to great STEM learning opportunities.

Phillip G. Eaglin, PhD, the Founder and CEO of Changing Expectations, has a perspective on his work that is firmly grounded in his own history as a science classroom teacher and as a professional development provider for science and mathematics education as well as for systemic school improvement. Dr. Eaglin is strongly committed to supporting the STEM teaching and learning of high-need, traditionally underserved student populations, their parents, and their teachers.

Dr. Eaglin was instrumental in the design and implementation of the US Department of Education’s (USDE) Eisenhower Science and Mathematics Consortium Project and the Texas and Southeast Regional Comprehensive Center grants, serving as Research Associate and Program Specialist from 1997-1998 and from 1999-2008, respectively. Dr. Eaglin holds a PhD in science education from The Florida State University, and he has taught middle school and high school science levels. In addition, Dr. Eaglin served as a staff member at the Texas Education Agency (TEA) from 2009-2011.